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Should I Fly? - Android App

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cditty, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. cditty

    Oct 13, 2014
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    Hi all. Been a member for a little while and flying for a bit. I know that by now, most of you have your favorite app that you go to to see if it's safe to fly your expensive equipment. I looked at a couple apps and felt like things were missing. Being the geek I am, I decided to write my own little app to include what I wanted.

    Not only does it give you the magnetic interference information, but it also gives you the weather conditions for your immediate area. So now you can see the temp and how windy it is at a glance before you leave the house to fly.

    It's up and active in the Google Play store. Right now it's for android only but if there is enough interest, I'll try and do a iOS version.

    Should I Fly?

    I hope you like it. It's US only right now. I'm looking for a good weather solution for outside the US. Also, if you find any bugs, please let me know and I will attempt to fix them asap.

    Thanks all and safe flying.
  2. Happyflyer

    May 5, 2014
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    Cold, Cold, Michigan
    Interesting, but, as long as it is not raining when I look out my window and I can see the trees not moving and there is time it is OK to fly. I have found too many weather recording sites that just do not match where I am. Even though they are very near my location. Especially the wind.
  3. N017RW

    May 2, 2014
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    Palm Beach Co.- FL
    Nothing beats a wet finger! :lol:

    But for the OP... glad your having fun and contributing to the community.
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