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Professional Set up of Samsung Tab 4 with P3P

Discussion in 'Phantom 3 Help' started by FlyBoy!, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. FlyBoy!

    Feb 3, 2016
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    Hello All,
    Just got on the bandwagon with drones but a RC aircraft past and present flyer. Got the Phantom 3 Pro and thought my iPad Mini 1 would suffice but after checking around, not to happen. So I got a Samsung Tab 4 7" model for a great price. I read here and on other forums on setting up proper settings.
    My question pertains if updating needed for the Tab 4. Currently it's 4.4.2.
    Do i stay with this version or is there another update (thinking their probably is)?
    Reason being, newer updates may create more issues than fixes. I'm going through the tablet eliminating non essential programs.
    Bottom line, what parameters and what can I do to make it essentially my go to screen when using the P3P.

    Other questions, I haven't opened box yet but I know about the cable that connects an iPad/iPhone/etc to controller via lightning. How does it connect to Samsung Tab 4?
    Looked at images of controller and looking for end that connects to Android device knowing it's a USB at the other end.
    Do I need a extender holder sold out there for the Tab 4 or will it fit with stock controller holder?
    I was looking at first at Autopilot app for the Apple until I found out my iPAd 1 not really compatible. I did notice for the Android version an app called Litchi. Any good?
    Yes, I know about DJI Go and multiple options. Reading about Litchi, it offers more options until such time DJI may add to it's software.

    Lastly, since it's been all about Samsung Tab 4 and controller, any additional information on updating Phantom 3/Controller not found readily?
    I'm getting primed to put it all together but with as little fuss as possible and using the huge following and experts found here for solutions. This is for other newbies as well.

    I'll appreciate any feedback for those users with same configuration or close to it.
  2. garykeithmead1

    Nov 29, 2015
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    I also uses a Tab 4 .Usb end connects to the r/c, the micro usb connects to your tab 4.
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