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  1. blueh32006@gmail

    Sep 7, 2016
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    Please help I sent my p4 for repair as it was not connecting to my video display (both Android I used a Note Tablet and a Nexus 6 phone) the remote worked to power up props and I could take off but no connection to video or other flight information DJI had the P4 for over 3 weeks sent it back and no difference I called DJI and asked what had been done to repair it I was told they swapped it out for another one which was a lie it still will not connect to video yet the remote works I've tried several devices and cords to connect when it does connect it is intermittent and does not stay connected any ideas or anyone else having this issue?

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  2. jwt873

    Apr 4, 2016
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    Woodlands, MB Canada
    There have been a few cases where the 'no video' problem was fixed by removing and reinserting the MicroSD card, or using a different MicroSD card. This happened to me. I had no video with my iOS and Android devices. I pulled the SD card out and the video came back.

    It seems the MicroSD card is part of the video system and if it gets corrupted or confused, the whole video system goes down.
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