screws on the end of each arm

Sep 19, 2014
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Hey Peoples

I noticed one of the little screws that go at the very end of each arm is missing... not sure how that happened...
I kinda remember finding a random screw a while ago and going hmmm don't need this..... wierd though... I've opened the case heaps and heaps of times and usally very careful and make sure everything is attached/tight.

Anyways... where can I get a replacement.. I went to a massive hardware store (bunnings for your Aus folks) and they had no idea where to get it.

Anyone seen the screw on any sites ? even had a quick look on google and found a kit that had like all the screws for like $40... but yeah.. I would kind of prefer to just buy the one...

If anyone has any idea what size it is that might help me finding it.. Just to confirm again, its the screw at the very end of the arm.. there is 4 in total, 1 on each arm and you need to the #0 size phillips screw driver to undo it.

thanks heaps :)
Thanks for that.. So "part 21" is basically all the screws ??
In the pic in the link you posted, do you know which ones are the ones I am after... any idea of the size etc ?
I'll probably just get that kit for $6.95 seems its so cheap and seems to be in Aus :)

thanks again :)
In the kit it will be this one . I just took one out from mine to be sure and here's the one ya after ;)
justin00, you can get them on Amazon here.
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thanks heaps everyone for the help and pics :)

I'll probs get the one Meta linked as the website appears to be in Australia.

thanks again al!!
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WOW i'm really surprised that you could not find a metric screw. At a hardware store in Australia. esp if it was a real one and not like a homedepot which is what a lot of people over in the states now think is a hardware store.

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