Saving a groundstation flight plan? Saving the waypoints?

Dec 11, 2014
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Is there any way to save a set of waypoints in the groundstation mode? I have 67 acres and I wanted to have a perfectly repeatable way to take video with the same flight plan EXACTLY for a seasonal change video. Is there a way to save your waypoints? Maybe I am missing something in the software?
Has anyone attempted to use this app with the Phantom 3? It does not list the Phantom 3 as a compatible quadcopter.

The apps are completely different. One uses WiFi to communicate with range extender (P2) and the other uses different radio signals (P3). It's like asking if a two way radio can be used instead of your cell phone to make calls.

The SDK for the P3 has been released and several developers are working on apps. One currently has an app out for beta testing on Android. DJI is working on adding GS but it's unclear when this will happen (about 2 months prior to the P3 being released they said, a couple of months). I suspect it's things like this that led Wang (owner of DJI) to say he avoided the release party because the P3 was not as good as it should have been.

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