Replacing the Phantom 3 camera/gimbal..?

Jan 26, 2015
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I read that the camera/gimbal set up is fixed to the drone and cannot be replaced? Is this true? Obviously that wouldnt be very good if you crash landed and messed something on the camera up.
Based on the photos, it looks like you will be able to replace the camera and gimbal. Just as you can on a Phantom 2 Vision+ (P2V+)

You'll void your warranty, just as you would on P2V+, but someone will figure out how and there will undoubtedly be plenty of posts here on just what to do. The small sensor size on the camera is an issue. Just as it is on the Inspire 1. They really should focus on the drone technology and leave the camera tech to people who specialize in that (GoPro, Sony, etc).
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I destroyed my gimbal/camera yesterday. I lost an argument with a tree. The P3A is in great shape except for one slightly bent landing skid. I'll order the parts today for a little under $300 USD and do the repair myself. I believe the camera used on the P3A is made by Sony. I've been very happy with the picture and video quality.
Based on the photos, it looks like you will be able to replace the camera and gimbal. Just as you can on a Phantom 2 Vision+ (P2V+)
From the videos that I saw of replacing the gimbal/camera on the P2 vs the P3, it is much easier to do now on the 3 series. The 2 cables are connectors that are quickly removed and snapped back into the new gimbal/camera package.

To the OP: where did you read that? The gimbal/camera package on Phantoms have been replaceable for a long time.
yeah it can be swapped out easily, pop the two clear clips out of the corners of the gimbal. poke through the four rubber dampers. careful not to split them. carefully tilt the gimbal away from the aircraft and carefully disconnect the two connectors. reverse the process with the new gimbal. jobs done. you can swap out the advanced gimbal for the pro gimbal this way too and all you have to do is reinstall the pro firmware. going to buy a pro gimbal for my advanced as soon as i have saved enough. Ill post what I did when I do.

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Just ordered the gimbal/camera package for my P3A. Simple repair. About $300 USD for parts and shipping. OUCH. Not much choice though. Still haven't figured out how it happened. I was on my descent to swap batteries and came in too low and caught a tree just short of my landing zone. Another foot higher and I'd been fine. The bird is OK. Just one slightly bent landing skid.
Calibration of a new gimbal is good idea. Even if DJI calibrates new Phantoms before boxing them up, a new gimbal part is probably not calibrated before it's fit to a vehicle.

To be honest, I don't know where the IMU lives (I don't think it's in the camera/gimbal package, but I'm not sure), so my answer here is: wouldn't hurt. If you lost the camera/gimbal package because of a crash, an IMU calibration sounds like a reasonable thing to do.

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Yes, It's always advisable to recalibrate everything after a crash, even if you don't bust her up... Better to fly safe than see her disappear over the distant horizon... ;-)

I did have to replace a gimbal/camera due to a 75mph argument with a tree. The swap is simple enough and I do recommend calibrating the gimbal. Out of my two P3Ps this one is the most stable and reliable.
After the repair, did you recalibrate all three main areas of concern, IMU, Gimbal and Compass?

I just replaced my camera and gimbal to a brand new one, but I'm not getting any image feed....nor any wifi video downlink....Is there anything that I can do?
Check your wiring harness connections. On my P3A there are two. It's a simple repair. Then re-calibrate your IMU and gimbal on a perfectly level surface. I keep a small level and some small wooden wedges in my camera bag just for that purpose.

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