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Reflections after 10 flights

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by XL-Studios, May 3, 2014.

  1. XL-Studios

    Apr 5, 2014
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    Coming from the P2V that served me well during many flights without any incidents I have come to these reflections about the P2V+

    * The hardware: The P2V+ is except for the slightly modified legs and the new camera/gimbal externally identical to the P2V. Everything seem very well put together and a solid piece of technology altogether. Internally thou it is much more different than the P2V than one could imagine. Already looking at the battery slot you can see some differences.

    * Flying: The P2V+ behaves exactly as the P2V and the flight time is also identical. I experience a bit of the "hock" phenomena also with the P2V+ but it does not bother me. One thing that is different is that it is practically silent before props are on while the P2V had a strange sound from the camera after turned on.

    * The gimbal: The gimbal is very tiny and seem really fragile but actually it is not. It is made of metal and when you play a bit with it with the power off you understand that it is a very precise and solid hardware! In flight the gimbal is just AMAZING! Judging from all 100s of drone gimbal footage I have seen on Youtube/Vimeo I think it is one of the best if not even no 1! It is rock steady! Sometimes i think the video has stopped or something when in fact it is just the Phantom and the gimbal keeping the picture so steady nothing moves. I have seen some P2V+ vids where props get in the picture so I was a bit worried about this but it is really a no-issue. If you don´t fly too aggressively and tilt the camera a bit down you are not going to see them if the winds are reasonable (<6 m/s)

    * Film/photo quality: The camera is supposed to be exactly the same as the P2V but from my experience it´s a big difference. The P2V camera was ok but had some "soft focus zones" The P2V+ is really sharper somehow. The video quality out of this thing as honestly really good. Vids I have seen in youtube suggest that the exposure is "pumping" a lot but my personal experience is that it is smooth and gentle. Not shifting steps fast so it´s annoying and visible.

    * Range and FPV: One thing that disturbed me a bit with the P2V was that the FPV dropped before the TX range. With the P2V+ it is rather the opposite. Both are approximately twice as good as the P2V but the FPV seem to go longer than the TX signal, and I like this!

    * Wrap-up: The P2V+ is a great upgrade from the P2V (that I also loved) Reading some stories about poor camera and gimbal failiors along with random flyways had me scared but after some 10 perfect flights I can say that I start to trust this thing a lot and the videos that come out amaze me every time! Just flying slowly over a forrest, camera pointing straight down is so fascinating! The gimbal is super super steady! You feel you are National geographic HD in making! :)
    The whole experience is actually science fiction. I use RTH a lot and the footage that come out of these sessions are also just awesome.
    Alltogether I must say as many before me that this piece of tech is one of the most fantastic things I ever owned. It makes me happy :-D
  2. J Dot

    Apr 10, 2014
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    Sarasota, FL. USA!
    Thank you for sharing!
    I have a P2V, and love it, saving up for the P2V+.
    You made me feel a lot better about getting it!
    I also noticed how still the video is , sometimes on the
    p2V+ ( YouTube videos ) I thought my iPhone froze up in one video,
    When it was still playing, looked like a LONG still shot, really

    Thanks again,
    Take care, and Fly Safe!

    Jerry D
    ( J Dot )
  3. RedRyderMedia

    Apr 7, 2014
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    Nice summary for those looking to upgrade.
  4. Aqeel200

    May 2, 2014
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    totally agree with you there. that is the whole reason and decision for me to go with P2V+ and not P2V or P2V+Hero+Zenmuse

    to me, the ultimate for aerial is a DSLR but it is way out of the budget for some hobbyist if not most. Next best option for aerial is the likes of Sony NEX5 or any equivalent point and shoot, again, this is way out of budget for some hobbyist if not most.

    Hence, with my not so thick wallet, I am left with only the range of 450 quad. For me, there no significant difference nor gain between a P2V+ or P2V or P2V+Hero+Zenmuse, in comparison for the ultimate DSLR or even a Sony NEX5 Point/shoot camera. Due to that, my pick was the 450 P2V+, a complete RTF will lots of benefit as what was posted by the OP.

    The built in camera and gimbal in P2V+ is the reason for my decision compared to others in that category. Comparing to the later option, this P2V+, an improved of the P2V has lower weight pendulum effect during flight because part of the camera weight is in the gimbal itself. This improve stability during video shooting...hence 'is my camera still shooting a video..because it does not move at all at times..as if its a loooong still shot..'

    I believe i made a good choice to go with P2V+ within the budget category that I have allocated. Only thing now is to have fun flying it, taking good video footage and not to get overly exited and never to forget my rule of thumb before flight, during flight and on landing cuz I dont think i can get another budget approved from my other half for another P2V+ :D

    just sharing my thoughts.
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