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Red lights after 2-3 mins?? bat lasts 5 min hovering?

Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Help' started by cralikebm, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. cralikebm

    Feb 12, 2015
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    Hi all had my phanton 5.8ghz fc40 for 3 - 4 days done 6-8 flights and today have seen red lights all the time unsure why??

    I have 3 batterys 2 original phantom batterys and a overlander 2900mah all were fully charged as i have a volt tester showed 12.5v

    After 3-4 mins flying i saw the red light flashing none stop so came near me and landed, changed battery and went up again after 3-min max red lights again? last battery and same maybe 2 mins

    When i initially started up had yellow red flashing lights so was aware this had something to do with compass so i moved well out the way in field callibrated compass and all lights were as normal yellow green flashed 20 green the red red red green until 1 red and green and then 20 green again. I went out 30' and turned round and tried home lock (2 down) and came back to me as should but never stopped went over my head.

    I landed near me and tried to resest failsafe lock put s2 left toggle up down 10 or so times but no lock came on maybe to near previous position not sure but anyway decided to stay very low and go a bit further out thats when i started seeing the red lights? so came back to land. changed battery twice and all seemed to boot up fine green red and 20 green very quick then red red green until another 20 green. Oh my transmitter just beeped twice while in naza flshed green i have duracell in them and only done a few flights?

    Got home checked voltage and 11.9, 11.8, 12.1 the battery with 12.1 the overlander 2900mah which is 3s 11.1v (which i bought from RC shop tier 1 dji dealer who said battery is fine with phantom) I used this battery last anyway so sure nothing to do with battery the phantom would not even take off not enough power in motors even though 11.9v now in battery.

    Pluged in laptop and naza says no errors (or where do i look to see them??) all buttons work on transmiter and move in naza says IMU doesn't need calibrating? shows 0.2 + -3 on gyroscope. and -114 and -1449 on compass and mod.

    Oh my transmitter just beeped twice while in naza flshed green i have duracell in them and only done a few flights? only other thing is callibrate transmiter?? but all buttons seem to work fine??
    Battery voltage says 11.7 and is set at default 11.55 and 11.10 no load and loaded?

    What could it be all i can think to do that i have not done is magnets over the compass but i don't even know if this has anything to do with it. The compass is fine when i do the callibration pre flight yellow then green and then starts flashing as it should.

    Just been in back garden and same only when in air red lights come on when land goes back to red green. Apart from 1 battery which was flashing red all the time.

    Any ideas???

  2. cralikebm

    Feb 12, 2015
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    Hi my batterys are 3-4 days old i only have stock fc40 camera fitted.

    It all starts correct colours etc when starting after 2 mins on a ful battery i have a tester you plug in and shows 12.5v 4.1 etc on each cell. after 2 mins red lights come on i plug into nazam with red lights showing and it says low volatege error even though nazam says 11.8v and my warnings are set at 11.55 and 11.10. i get 4 mins hovering in back garden at 6 foot high. The batterys are cold and will not even take of the ground when down to 11.4v. Before i got 10-12 min aggressive flying and the batterys were warm when i took them out.

    Im starting to think there is a problem with the phantom . Its only 4-5 days old so will be able to exchange or have it fixed if its broken. I have 3 batterys all with 3-4 flights max all show correct vaults etc. but red lights start flashing at 11.9, 12.1, 11.8v on each battery i tested.

    Only other thing maybe i charged on Life instead of Lipo at 3am, could this have done it?

    Im not near fly zone etc im in UK north west

  3. PhantomFanatic

    Nov 14, 2014
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    USA, GA
    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    I'm having trouble understanding all that you said, but from what did come across, I recommend returning it for another.
    Good luck and I'm sorry you are having problems. :)
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