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Red Hawks, Eagles and Bees! Oh My!

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by StumbleBee, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. StumbleBee

    Aug 22, 2015
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    Nashua, NH USA
    I often fly in wooded areas and over ponds and lakes, prime areas for a lot of New Hampshire wildlife. Some of that wildlife, particularly the flying kind, do not like any other birds in their territory. I sometimes wonder when I read about Phantoms suddenly disappearing (is that why they are called Phantoms?) if maybe a bird took them out.

    My first 'encounter' was with a Bald Eagle. I knew there was a Bald Eagle nest about a mile from where I was flying and hadn't even considered that I might see it. Well, I was over some water at about 200' and over 5000 feet from the nest and I make eyeball contact with an Eagle heading towards my P3P. I stopped immediately and hovered. The Eagle swooped up to about 300 feet and started to fly overhead in huge circles. I wanted to get away, but not get divebombed. I dropped down to about 5' over the water and made a beeline for the shore. Then I followed the shore the distance back to where I was. The Eagle, seeing no further threat, flew back towards where it came from. That was my only Bald Eagle encounter. Very majestic birds.

    On three occasions I have seen Red Shoulder Hawks come up from the trees and start to circle or follow. Again, I get the heck out of there, and the hawks retreat. Last weekend, there were two different hawks about 2000' apart and I had to stay half way between them. Must have been the 'seam' like in football. Apparently a 'drone' is something not imprinted on a birdbrain and they have to first study it a bit, maybe sort out whether they can take it out or not, before attacking. We can use that time to scram.

    Earlier this year while flying near my house I suddenly noticed lots of bees around and I wasn't near any flowers or honey pots. I was doing some close-in training that day and so the Phantom was never more than a hundred feet away. I went left, the bees went left. I went right, the bees went right. Uh oh. I set the Phantom down in my driveway, shut it off, and called it a day. The bees left.

    Any one else have any wildlife stories? How about your dog or cat going after your Phantom?
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  2. Erised

    Apr 2, 2016
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    Before I got my P4 crows would land on my green house and poke holes in the plastic with there claws, now that I fly the drone around the yard I don't see crows any more. YIPI
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  3. NRJ


    Dec 18, 2015
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    I fly for testing and practice in a park. After I am flying for about 15 minutes, two Hawks appear and start circling around and if I don't leave they start to get closer. So, I end my day early or just fly close to ground. I have read articles about lights helping to let the birds know you are there. I have tried lights but without effect. But, more than that, I purchased a decal for my drone (only to decorate my drone) which was simply a picture of a sunset which has browns and dark yellows and dark oranges in the photo. I put the decal on my bird and went out flying. Sure enough the Hawks appeared as usual. One of the birds came within about 50 ft (never that close before) of my drone and I just stopped and hovered. The interesting thing is that since the decal and that day, they have never bothered me again. The Hawks are still around because I can still see them. Since then I have read articles where many have had success with colors like browns, oranges etc. I was pretty amazed.

    Also, I was just testing my drone in the same park and another person was there with their dog. I was flying somewhat low but away from them. She let her dog go and he started chasing my drone. It was so funny. If I stopped and let it hover, the dog would jump and try to get it. She started laughing and I was flying very safely at about 15 feet up, just enough for the dog to chase it. The dog had a great time. The lady said her son has a smaller drone and the dog chases it at home too. It was a lot of fun that day.
  4. BigAl07

    BigAl07 Moderator
    Staff Member

    Jan 5, 2015
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    Western North Carolina
    Most birds of prey (or any bird that is being protective) will try to "Threaten" the Phantom. I've actually had a group of swallows harass my aircraft so close I thought one might have made contact. Found no blood or feathers but I realized I was flying close to their nesting grounds (old car garage) and they were being protective.

    Bees.. that's a whole other story. Often times I've had Carpenter (Boring Bees) bees surround my aircraft (also happened with my helicopters etc) and when I landed several had come to their demise in the props because "bee parts" and "bee goo" would be all over the aircraft.
  5. royster

    Jun 4, 2016
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    Mt.Albert, Ontario, Canada
    I had a encounter with a couple of Ospreys, nasty buggers they are, One dive bombed me, came within 10-20' of my bird, making a heck of a noise while the other stood guard, hovering about 50' from my phantom, I found if I kept my bird perfectly still, they just circled high above me, not diving at me again, seemed to loose interest & I got low & out of the area. I discovered later than they have a huge nest in the area, so I stay away from that end of the location now, which is about 20-30 acres of field & low brush.
    I find Caanda Geese much more forgiving, just curious but no attacks.
  6. Oso


    May 19, 2015
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    Western US
    Check out this carnage from when a swarm of bees and a Phantom actually made contact. Be sure to watch the video!

    Drone vs drone...!
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  7. Mark The Droner

    Aug 26, 2015
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    I've been swooped by a hawk several times. Each time it's on the turn around from a run. I'll turn around and a hawk comes into view and swoops very close and then behind my Phantom. It seems the hawk was following and then when I turned around, it swooped towards me at high speed. No contact yet. It might even be the same hawk since I fly in the same area. Maybe it thinks we're buddies and he's just sayin' hello...
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  8. Silverwingflinx

    Nov 5, 2015
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    Good story this summer my p3A was taken down by an eagle could not find it that day!then it rained for 5 days!finally found my bird,but the rain destroyed the mother board.cam still works light bridge not sure?vps don't know? shell one arm bent props were ok.was just glad to get her back.also I noticed when I do fly in a field the buzzing from the quad does attract bugs dragon flies mostly! Fly on!
  9. Suhail78

    Aug 15, 2016
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    Thats funny that you say that about the dragon flies. I was flying in a field the other day, and after about 10 minutes i noticed about 10 dragonflies buzzing around by my drone. Kinda thought it was weird, but then just kinda forgot about it. I wonder why that happens??!!
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