Jun 4, 2015
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Hi! My name is Rocky Williams, and my counties emergency management agency is looking to purchase a drone. We'd like to use it to scout out areas affected by events, and for assistance during search and rescue missions. My director is looking at the Phantom 2 Vision+ and the Phantom 3 Professional. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give some advice.

I believe we'd like to be able to do flights with waypoints, where we can have it scout a certain area selected by map, as well as watch the video as we're flying. If both are possible. Quality of the image is important, but it doesn't have to be professional movie video quality.

Any advice or comparison of the pros/cons of the two devices would be appreciated. As well as any advice on recommended and 'required' accessories.

Thank you for your help.
The live feed on the Vision Plus is rubbish. The range is also poor. The flight map is not clear. However, the P2 has autonomy (ground station) if you wish to fly it a point and back. In the case of an incident, the P2 requires an assisted laptop.

The P3 720 live feed is far more superior. The flight map is more clearer. The range is up to 2km (some have reported further). The P3 Is standalone and all settings are done via the phone/smart device.
The Inspire might be the best out of the box solution. It can handle far tougher conditions than a Phantom, allows for a second remote as a video operator which is vital for scouting and also isn't as complex to maintain as a more bespoke / kit quad.

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The only problem with Jacob suggested is not able to hold position . I have helped the locals over the winter looking on the river for a boat (P2/GP) if I was going to do this full time I would probably get a Inspire (first choice) then it would be a P3P . Going with a RTF bird .
GL let us know how it plays out for you .

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