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Receiver board in Phantom 1 (version 1.0)

Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Discussion' started by radioguy, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. radioguy

    May 18, 2013
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    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    I'm doing a new 550 build this fall. I have a Phantom 1 I bought back in May of 2013 I no longer fly. The thinking is to take the Naza, GPS and receiver out of the 1 and use it on my 550. If I can get the receiver to migrate properly, then I will have a transmitter and receiver ready to go for the new build. Has anyone on the boards done this? I haven't cracked open the 1's frame for a while, and can't remember if the receiver board is a separate pcb or attached to the main board (and hence can't be separated).

    In the alternative, can I buy a standalone receiver that would work with my existing transmitter?


    Fred (radioguy)
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