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PSA - Delete Your Video Cache Regularly

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Phantom751874, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Phantom751874

    Mar 13, 2015
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    iPad Air 2 started rebooting at least once per flight for unknown reasons. I thought it was heat but I had been in hotter weather with it without issue. It has never had random reboots during flight.

    The reason, no it wasn't hardware decode enabled, I have that enabled without issue, it was my video cache. Once cleared no more reboots.

    Do yourself a favor delete that video cache regularly. I know there's a setting to limit it to 2GB and I have that set but it still caused the reboots. That video cache is useless to me unless I lose the Phantom and cannot find it. So really after every successful flight I delete it.
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  2. Garrie

    Jul 31, 2015
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    The video cache is good when you want to make quick uploads to instagram to showcase your work to clients though.
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