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Problems with recording.

Discussion in 'Photos and Video' started by Ztje, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Ztje

    Dec 10, 2013
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    Hey Guys,

    Yesterday i was testing my Dji Phantom v1 with my gopro3 black Edition.
    I used the following setting: 1080/30 fps. The quality is good but I see once a while stripes in my video and als so a swinging image while i am recording.

    I use the micro card Lexar microSDXC 300x 64GB UHS-I Flash Memory Card LSDMI64GBBNL300R .

    Can somebody please tell me what i am doing wrong?

    Hit the link button to see the 30 sec movie.


  2. Don247

    May 31, 2013
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    Hey I had the same problem and I did two things and the problem went away:
    I bought a UV lens kit from : http://xproheli.com/collections/all it's a little pricey
    but made a huge difference in picture quality, second, I adjusted the camera mount at a slight
    down angle just to keep the blades out of the picture.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Gizmo3000

    Jan 25, 2013
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    Sherman Oaks, CA
    Well I have good news for you..

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with your GoPro.

    You're experiencing two very common problems that many of us have encountered
    - the white lines are a result of shooting video at a particular angle there the sun and props cast a shadow onto the gopro lens.
    but since the prop is spinning fast, it creates those lines. A few people have created little lens hoods for their gopro's to help alleviate that.
    -the "swinging" you're referring to is most commonly called "Jello", an ongoing battle that every copter flyer has to deal with.
    vibrations are causing the gopro to shake.
    the solution is to balance your props, and look into buying an isolation-mount that prevents the vibrations from hitting the GoPro.
  4. Ztje

    Dec 10, 2013
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    hey guys,

    Thank you for the tips tomorrow i will go try it again, I just have new Carbon propellers.
    Also a other question shall i still record in 1080/30 fps or shall i go 720?

    Thanks for the advise.

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