P3 Firmware phantom 3 pro controller beeping red light and new firmware on drone wont work

Nov 28, 2017
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I have been trying all day to get my drone firmware and stuff set up im supposed to deliver it to a fellow tomorrow. the controller light blinks red and beeps insanely
and ive tried all day to update drone firmware to the latest All-in-One firmware version updated tov1.11.20.2.Remote Controller firmware version updated to v1.9.2. but ive had no luck i cant even get my controller to show up on my dji go app on anything android phone, ipad nothing ive tried to figure out how to get it to work its been about a over a year since i have used it, i even tried to install a older firmware with no luck other than the green light on the drone stayed on and i gave it probably 40 or more min to finish with no luck after over 8 hrs from last night and today so far im getting very frustrated to say the least, i even found about 6 videos of myself working on it when i put the sd card in to check and see it it passed or failed there was no results on the old firmware P3C_FW_V01.08.0100.bin just the videos of me occasionally i can get the camera gimbal to let me move the camera up and down. as of now i cant even get them to connect to the dji go app or even the litchi app i used to use. could someone please please help me work out this problem I had the props working and everything sounds like the controller and drone both need updates since its been probably close to 18 months since its been turned on. I would be forever grateful to any one for any help i have to have it working if i have to stay up all night before having to drive 2.5 hours to deliver it tomorrow afternoon. thanks ahead of time i will be off here for an hour or so but then back on all night if necessary.
Jun 30, 2016
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the controller light blinks red and beeps insanely

This is often caused by stick bias at startup. Slowly move sticks near central position. If it turns on, calibrate the sticks to avoid having this issue again.

and ive tried all day to update drone firmware

Unlike most devices, it is not beneficial to update DJI drones. Don't do that, unless there's a specific reason.
If you've managed to do partial update already, remember you need the drone and RC to have firmware versions published at similar dates.

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