Phantom 3 - Follow Me & Waypoint Flying

Apr 9, 2015
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Just saw a video on Youtube that suggested that the P3 has the 'follow me' feature built in. Anybody else got any info on this ? Equally would love to have it confirmed that the P3 can fly by waypoints too. Anybody know if either or preferably both come with the P3 ?
The Inspire still doesn't have the feature, so I wouldn't get your hopes up that DJI plans to release anything like that, especially w/ an open SDK.
It's on their website just click on the p3 and scroll down. Lots of people got excited when they saw follow me and poi etc...
But they all fall under the sdk heading
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I guess you see what you want to.

What suggestion?

Looks like hundreds of videos where a drone is following something.
1st hand info....FollowMe and POI are are built into the P3.
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1st hand info....FollowMe and POI are are built into the P3.
Come on Frank .. when you come up with something like this that contradicts the info in the DJI website and what those that have tester the P3 say, you need to give some details.
What do you know that no-one else does?
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I know ken the developer of Ultimate flight app posted on his beta goggle group that he will be working on his app for both p3 and the inspire 1.
He mentioned how he was being sent both camera platforms to do r&d...

Which is awesome! Unfortunately he will be slowing down his updates for the p2v+...

So I think it will be a matter of time before we see GS, Follow me and poi for P3
Just sayin...
If a name was mentioned that would be the end of any details we might be able to hear about. I have no problem sharing the info. I certainly don't want any flack for any of what I may have to say. I sure as hell don't like to do it like this, but I do understand that something is better then nothing. The details I give are exactly as I receive them.

Anyway, the SDK is much more stable for the P3. The GS is a little different, but the new feature are simple making it easier to understand. And as mentioned, the followme and poi are built into the P3's firmware.

I would like to think I'm a trust worthy person. And if I gave someone my word I wouldn't say where the info came from you can bet that is what I will do. I seriously doubt a persons name will make any difference anyhow. I have posted in the Vision Plus forum only on this website for over a year. I'm not known to be someone that fabricates info.

Now something I suggest that you do not do, is ask me any details because what I posted here above is about 90% of all I know on the P3. I can try to find out something someone might be dieing to know about though.

I have already heard about the things that matter most to me. And I realize not everyone has the same taste which is why I posted in this thread. I saw I didn't post everything. With the top cover off, it does not look like the vPlus. It is much cleaner. The main board has been redesigned and looks very nice.
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Seems pretty clear to me. The functionality of Follow me and POI's is built into the firmware, just not active in the software as provided, and 3rd party apps will be able to take advantage of said functionality to leverage these functions into their apps.

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