Phantom 2v+ doesn't see controler after repair

May 23, 2015
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After replacing the camera on my 2V+, I was unable to get a response from the quad when trying to start up the motors via the RC.

RC assistant software shows the controller is working just fine, but I get the following on the phantom 2 assistant:

the controller sticks are stuck to 1000.

Something is causing the phantom to be reading the input wrong, or not at all.

Sequence of events and troubleshooting steps:
  • Had a crash for unknown reasons (wasn't being observed when it went down, but there were no obstacles in area).
  • Observed damaged camera, shell and one engine.
  • Replaced shell and engine
  • Tested flight ok
  • Replaced camera
  • Tested Camera; connects and transmits video
  • No response from unit when trying to activate engines
  • Unplugged camera,
  • No response from unit when trying to activate engines
  • Reconnected camera
  • Ran phantom 2 assistant software; saw screen shown above (control stick reading 1000 on all for variables)
  • Ran RC assistant software; Control sticks shown as operating normally
  • Pressed reset button located on shell of phantom body, turned on controller
  • No changes in both assistant software.
So in the end, the phantom is getting a reading of 1000 from the controller, but the controller seems to be working just fine. As I was able to test fly it before adding the new camera, I know it was working at some point after the body repair and engine replacement.

Something I also noticed after looking at some forums was to try to bind the controller again. when I first started trying to troubleshoot the problem I did notice an orange light from the reset button, but now I'm not getting any lights from it whatsoever.

I'm strongly starting to feel that its a binding issue, but because I had been able to fly before the camera replacement I didn't see how that could have been.

Would anyone have any suggestions?

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