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Jan 4, 2015
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Hi, I've just recently got a P4P+ and am having problems with the firmware; I've done an update of the aircraft and this seemed to go ok (system went through the process, aircraft turned off and back on again - then the DJI Go app requested to restart the aircraft (AC)).

Now when I connect the RC to the AC via cable I get a quick message that says firmware up to date before the screen goes back to just saying 'connected' (this is on the home screen), As soon as the cable is removed from the AC I get a message to say the firmware requires updating. However when I go into the app and try and update all I get is a screen that has 'overall status' at the top and the screen gets greyed out (with the camera image in the background).

After a short while the 'firmware upgrade required' notice on the home screen (at the top of the flight screen) is replaced with 'connected' and 'GPS' (in green) is shown; so I did a short maiden flight but about 10 minutes in I got a message flash up that an upgrade was required (which soon had me bring the AC on the ground!).

I have just come away from chat with DJI support who had me install the DJI Assistant 2 on my pc and connect the RC to it but this didn't wok either as I couldn't see any folders they were asking me to open. In the end and after 4 1/2 hours of getting nowhere with the infamous support I had to end the chat as my RC battery was not far off from dying.

I had a P2 two years ago which lasted all of 2 months before I finally gave up due to gimbal problems that were failed to be fixed on three separate occasions and having kept tabs on the Phantom ever since thought I'd try my luck again with it but it seems there are still issues with running these things.

Looks like I'll have to go back to the dealer who sold it too me and see if they can offer any help or get my money back once more!

However, I'd be most interested if any of you have a possible ideas!

Edit to add that I've now sorted the problem: first off support were telling me to wrongly connect the RC. so sorted the DJI Assistant issue not connecting properly, secondly the update required was hidden in the depths of the apps - not very clear or helpful as it just did nothing when it said updates required. At least I'll feel happier going out into the big wide world and hopefully I'll now get some decent flying in :)

Thanks for reading
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