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  1. Dpanetta

    Aug 15, 2016
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    Being a relatively new drone flyer, and having just created my first account on Healthydrones.com, I have discovered that both of my P4 drone batteries have been typically running at an average of 128f over a period of about 30 flights.

    This seems to be a bit on the hot side. I am wondering what the safe temperature range is for the P4 batteries? Having read all the horror stories about these batteries catching on fire, I do not want to sacrifice a $1400 drone because of my ignorance.

    Also, in the DJI Go app, there is a time to discharge in the advanced battery settings that can range from 1 to 10 days. I am wondering what this is for, and what are the recommended settings?
  2. msinger

    Approved Vendor

    Oct 30, 2014
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    Harrisburg, PA (US)
    When your batteries are not in use, they will auto discharge down to 65% (if not already lower than that) after the number of days set in DJI GO. The idea is to keep the batteries between 30-65% since that's best health-wise when storing them. Unless you're flying your Phantom every day, setting that to 2 days would be a good setting to go with.
  3. alokbhargava

    Sep 28, 2015
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    San Francisco, CA
    128F seems to be a safe temperature. Avoid flying in ambients over 100F.

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