P3 Gimbal/Lock, lens protector Review. UK

Jul 20, 2014
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Midlands, UK
I purchased the P3 gimbal/Lock Lens protector from ebay so i thought i'd do a review. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flexible-...212?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item25a6fc66dc
Its a great design and i purchased it mainly because its more like rubber so there is no chance of scratching the lens when sliding on. A perfect fit, you just slide the lens cover on first then the top sits in the grooves on the gimbal plate, very easy to take off too. I really like how it's like rubber because the other 3d printed ones i've seen are just a hard plastic and as i say could easily scratch the lens when putting on. This cover/lock has no chance of that and although you can actually squeeze it, its very solid once fitted and locks the camera perfectly with no movement and your lens is fully protected. The bright green colour is just the job and there is no way you could forget to remove this before flight. Its very well made and sturdy, looks like it will last the quads life and beyond. It is a little expensive i suppose but the way i see it is its a small price to pay to protect your investment, £23.99 with delivery included in the UK. The postage is quick too as i ordered sunday and was delivered tuesday.
Like the stock gimbal holder this does not stop the gimbal dampers moving around and straining when its in your backpack or case, you need to keep the little foam piece that come with your p3 on the back of the gimbal to stop the strain on the damper rubbers. All i do is wedge the foam piece inbetween the gimbal plate and body and this holds the gimbal rubbers in place if its carried sideways. The only lens cover/lock i've seen that stops the rubbers moving is the ones that clip on the leg of the P3 but these can carry vibrations to the camera and gimbal when you carry it around in my opinion. Before anyone asks, no i'm nothing to do with the seller on ebay, i purchased one and i really like it so thought i'd share with my fellow UK Flyers, there is not a lot for us UK buyers as its all normally in the States.
Some photos below to show you.


As you see when the P3 is on its side the rubbers dampers are under strain, its worse if you carry the camera facing downwards!


The stock gimbal holder does exactly the same.


Once you put the foam piece in the gimbal it holds the dampers in place, good for transport. I've always done this to stop the stretch on the rubbers. I find the foam difficult to put in place properly but there is no need to as it just wedges in between the gimbal plate and phantom body.





Ordered!! There's been a few protectors posted on here the last few days and this looks the best for me.
Another review here about it from Simon Newton.

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