P2V+ not connecting to assistant

Apr 29, 2015
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Had it a few months, no issues, no wrecks. Have only connected it to the assistant one other time, and it worked fine. I tried connecting it to update everything, and it keeps telling me to connect the controller (I know this means phantom). Ive tried different USB cables, my mac, and another laptop. The lights at the bottom of the assistant window indicate nothing is connected.
Try reinstalling the Phantom Assistant application and DJI WIN driver (if running Windows). You can find those here.
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Did you try again on your laptop? If not that would be worth a try.

Did you make sure you're using the USB cable that came with your Phantom?

Finally, (sorry, I have to ask) where are you plugging in the USB cable?
lol no worries...using the microusb port on the phantom, the usb side is in my macbook. using the dji cord now. have tried several other cords and other laptops (windows) with no luck. emailed dji, haven't heard anything yet
using the microusb port on the phantom
There are two ports. Make sure you're using the port beneath the white flap (and not on the gimbal).
It happens even to the best of us :)
I've never felt this dumb lol. Thanks again, fly safe...oh, and the Love Field thing...whoever that was... stop being dumb in my city!. Someone is going to get in serious trouble for that

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