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Professional NO SIGNAL and failed aircraft firmware update after rebuild

Discussion in 'Phantom 3 Help' started by Mark Lizambri, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. Mark Lizambri

    Dec 25, 2015
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    I rebuilt my P3p after a crash, replacing shell, gimbal bracket and damaged gimbal ribbon cables.

    Testing after the repair, the DJI GO app warned of updates,so I performed what I could (see below please).

    The GO app indicates connectivity and allows me some control (LEDS /on-off). I do not get a video feed from the phantom and the app displays "NO SIGNAL" center screen top, in red.

    The RC controls start up and motors but not gimbal or camera controls.

    Attempted aircraft upgrade to 1.6 with normal process using bin file in root directory on freshly formatted microsd card. Upgrade starts as would be normal, beeps, green/red flash on camera, but after a minute or so, beeping stops and gimbal motor makes spinning sounds (doesn't actually move the camera) and it gets stuck there spinning... left it run almost an hour - gimbal LED red. Retried with fresh format and download... same. RC updated OK. Checked ribbon cable and connectors. Could I have bricked the bird? Could use some help from pro's here who can evaluate txt file..... (could I have damaged more than the ribbon cable and the body?). I'm afraid to send this thing DJI for fear that it will be 3 months and big $$$. Any alternatives to factory repair?

    The text file after attempting upgrade...

    [00012776]========== remo-con disconnect. boot(15) ============
    [00012846]Packet [C:\P3X_FW_V01.06.0040.bin] detected, card sn [0x42fcd379].
    [00012915]Packet upgrade start...

    [00012989]Packet checking...
    [00013058]Packet vlink 01.06.0040 <-> 01.05.0030.
    [00013126]Record vlink 01.04.0010 <-> 01.03.0020 (flow = 0).

    [00013265]Version checking[1]...
    [00025834][03 05][00] device not detected.
    [00038401][03 06][00] device not detected.
    [00038480][04 00][00] v1.41.0.0 -> v1.41.0.0
    [00051045][11 00][00] device not detected.
    [00063610][12 00][00] device not detected.
    [00076182][12 01][00] device not detected.
    [00088749][12 02][00] device not detected.
    [00101314][12 03][00] device not detected.
    [00113881][15 00][00] device not detected.
    [00126445][17 00][00] device not detected.
    [00139008][17 01][00] device not detected.
    [00151575][19 00][00] device not detected.
    [00151643][01 00][00] v1.26.4315 -> v1.26.4315
    [00151714][01 01][00] v1.26.4315 -> v1.26.4315
    [00156841][08 00][00] v0.13.0.7 -> v0.13.0.7
    [00169406][09 00][00] device not detected.
    [00169470]Packet upgrade failed at version checking.
  2. TrynFlyn

    Nov 4, 2015
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    Got a tough one....
    As you can see, many pieces of hardware are not being detected. I don't know which hardware they all are. I do know that [11 00] is the battery...very odd it's not detected.

    Have you tried a lower FW version? I would try starting with 1.3.2
  3. Mark Lizambri

    Dec 25, 2015
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    I'm a moron. It should have been obvious to me with all the devices not found..... I FORGOT TO INSTALL THE SECOND RIBBON CABLE between the positioning module and the Gimbal/Camera!!! I should now commit forum posting Harakiri for being an idiot.
    My crash pulled the ribbon cable right out of it's connector and when I reassembled, it looked as though a connector was installed (No pins showing). Duh. Thanks for your trouble Tryn! I Would like to know what hardware the codes reference. Probably everything that cable connected to!
  4. TrynFlyn

    Nov 4, 2015
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    Here's what is know:


    [00015365][03 05][00] v34.2.0.9 -> v34.2.0.9 <------ not known

    [00015440][03 06][00] v2.4.0.5 -> v2.4.0.5 <------ not known

    [00015482][04 00][00] v1.41.0.0 -> v1.41.0.0 <---- IMU Pid (not sure)

    [00015681][11 00][00] v1.7.0.0 -> v1.7.0.0 <---- Intelligent Battery

    [00015781][12 00][00] v1.10.0.0 -> v1.10.0.0 <---- ESC Motor driver

    [00015864][12 01][00] v1.10.0.0 -> v1.10.0.0 <---- ESC Motor driver

    [00015960][12 02][00] v1.10.0.0 -> v1.10.0.0 <---- ESC Motor driver

    [00016034][12 03][00] v1.10.0.0 -> v1.10.0.0 <---- ESC Motor driver

    [00028573][15 00][00] device not detected. <---- TX VIDEO stream packet buffer

    [00028650][17 00][00] v1.1.1.7 -> v1.1.1.7 <------ Gimbal stuff (not known exactly)

    [00028770][17 01][00] v1.0.2.7 -> v1.0.2.7 <------ Gimbal stuff (not known exactly)

    [00028830][19 00][00] v1.0.8.96 -> v1.0.8.96 <------ same not known

    [00028868][01 00][00] v1.26.4315 -> v1.26.4315 <---- Ambarella ARM9 code

    [00028908][01 01][00] v1.26.4315 -> v1.26.4315 < ---- Ambarella ARM9 boot (enable main chip to firmware update)

    [00041452][08 00][00] device not detected. <---- TI DSP (DaVinci) live video enc/compressor/streamer (NOT ON P3A)

    [00041511][09 00][00] v2.13.0.0 -> v2.13.0.0 <----- not known
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