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New to Phantoms - Compass worries.

Discussion in 'Phantom FC40 Discussion' started by Joesrevolution, May 14, 2014.

  1. Joesrevolution

    May 14, 2014
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    Hey guys!

    I recently bought a Phantom FC40 for filming my extreme sports after a long time of failing to get any shots what so ever using a basic UDI quad with a 0.3 mp cam (pretty horrendous I know...) I decided to fork out for a Phantom. When it finally arrived I was obviously extremely excited so pulled it all out the box and bolted the skids and props on which I was farmikiar with from watching you tube vids. Now here is the problem. I used a magnetic screw driver... Which I now know is a bad thing. I don't think it touched the compass with the screwdriver. The compass still callibrates fine I was just wondering if there's any way to check if there is any damage to the compass. As I am extremely worried about fly aways any re-assurance or ideas on how to check would be massively appreciated.

    And finally I'm intending to get a go pro black soon and was wondering if one can use the WiFi remote while flying since the fc40 runs on 5.8 farther than 2.4g. I'm just terrified about the chance of it flying away into the distance the first time I ever use it.

    Any responce would be much appreciated :) :)
  2. J Dot

    Apr 10, 2014
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    Sarasota, FL. USA!
    The magnetic screwdriver, will not ( break or hurt ) compass,
    But MAY, throw off calibration a bit?

    Simply calibrate compass BEFORE first flight, after using
    Magnetic screwdriver! ( I use them all the time, no issues yet! )

    As for the Go-Pro, maybe someone here can shed more light on this?
    ( I have a P2V ) no need for Go-Pro yet!

    As for Fly-AWays:
    ( please watch this )

    Hope this helps?
  3. J.James

    Apr 21, 2014
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    Upstate NY
    Chances are you did not har your compass at all. BUT if you did this video shows how to fix it and also how to check your mod values to know if its in the proper calibration range or not. If in the naza software if your mod values are between the 1500's to 1800's rage you are all good. If far out side them mod value ranges then you should use the info in the video to fix it.


    As far as fly aways watch the other vid posted by the poster above me and always make sure you never take off intill you have a steady green slow flashing light with no red. Tho if in home lock or course lock it will flash orange and green thats ok as long as no red.

    Also make sure you have the s1 switch set in the naza assistant to allow it to go in to fail safe when its in the bottom position. So if you ever need to make it return to home you just flip the s1 switch to the bottom and it will return to the take off point. and also make sure that you use the naza assistant in the fail safe settings its best to make sure its not set to the "landing" setting because in that setting if it goes in to fail safe it will just try to land over were ever it may be at the time it goes in to fail safe. Whick could be in a tree or on a house or any other place were you may not even see ware it landed and will get left like a stood up date waiting for it to come home and it will be some place else and lost. Set that to "go home and landing" Then if it goes in to fail safe it will if below 66 feet it will raise up to 66 feet so it don't hit any thing in its path as long as nothing is taller then that. Then it will fly to the home point then land. If you are already up higher then the 66 foot height it will just stay at what ever height its at and then come home and land.

    and also check both the switches periodically to make sure they work by hooking the phantom up to the naza assistant and with the transmitter turned on. flip the switches and make sure both switchs in all 3 of the positions show they are switching to the right modes in the soft ware. They are real cheap POS switches with a VERY high rate of failure and what i Belive is the real main cause of most all flyaway.
  4. ericdes

    Feb 12, 2014
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    Install the assistant software and plug it in.

    Scroll trhough the tabs and look at the compass values.
    Ideals are between -350 and 350 for each and around 1600 or so for MOD. Anything near these numbers is fine too.
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