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Mar 23, 2015
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Would like some constructive feedback. I've had the phantom vision plus for about a month and a half, been practicing. Put together a video and wanted to know what you guys think. Mainly got the phantom since i will be traveling a lot and wanted a cool new perspective. Will be heading to South Africa next month, so excited to get some amazing footage.

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Your footage was great but what surprised me even more is that YouTube let that video go through without a license for the music which copyrighted.
Nice smooth yaw and flying. None of that sudden jerking that I tend to kick myself for doing.
The moving subject of the the lady and the dog held my attention more than the straight down shots of the brownish trees (river bottom?). Shooting into the setting sun can be tough, but you pulled it off nicely with the subjects playing in the foreground.

I liked your first transition much more than your last one. The last one said "look at me".

Your choice of music matches your smooth flying and transitions.

There was one question mentioned above about copyrighted music on youtube. There are some artists that allow you to use their music on youtube as long as you acknowledge them and any ad revenue goes to them. There is a list of them at
Thanks for the feedback :), I'll look into the transitions for my next video.

Ya, and that is one huge dog. He's a malamute.
Liked the footage - I do similar. I also liked the follow of the woman and dog. I do nature and wildlife photography and have had shots ruined by the animal reacting to the copter. This dog didn't or you edited it out- good stuff.

Pro Tip - use less transitions and/or transitions that are quick. Watch discovery channel. Blurry transitions are only used to imply a passage of time. Your video is excellent - thanks for sharing.
Great video..short, good music, smooth takes...did not like transitions..too blurry, I would do fades.
Nice, I liked the way you used the woman and dog. The music and video kept a similar pace and no single shot got tiring.
I look forward to seeing more of your videos.
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the feedback guys, i posted another video on my youtube page, if you want to check it out, didnt use blur transition :D

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