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New stock TX questions

Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Help' started by fly-catchers, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. fly-catchers

    Aug 20, 2013
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    Kent England
    Today I received a new stock tx for my Phantom v1.2 to replace the one I burnt out while fitting the gimbal lever. This new one has a gimbal pot added to the front of the unit already wired in. Both tx have the sprung throttle controls. My old tx had v1.2 on the back of it and v3.5 in the battery compartment. The one I got today does not have either of these markings just the serial number. I am assuming this is a slightly older version of the tx even although it looks identical. However there is one key difference so far. When you power it up you get audio sound which continues until you pull the throttle downwards from its default centre position. The led light them flashes a few times and them stays on. If you hold the throttle down before switching on you don't get this audio alarm. On my first tx I never got any audio alarm and the throttle was always in the centre position when switched on.

    After linking the new transmitter sucessfully I decided to try the Phantom minus its props to see how everything sounded after having the body apart. Everything sounds fine but one thing I noticed was if you throttle upwards from the centre position till the motors were going full wack they did slow down when you released the throttle and it returned to its centre position. You had to pull the throttle back below the centre before the motors started to slow. Now I never tried my old tx without the props so cannot tell whether this is different or not. But do know that once you let the throttle drop back to the middle position the craft just stopped and hovered as expected. But hearing the motors going at full speed on this new tx after releasing the throttle cannot see that happening. I could only see it going upwards and fast! I would need to throttle back below the 50% position to slow it down. Does this behaviour sound correct or not?

    Also I tried calibrating the tx after this happened as I assume you need to calibrate the tx when you change it. I followed the advance instructions where you "Set the switch S2 at the OFF position, and the switch S1 at the GPS position
    2. Push the Throttle stick to the top position, and push the Pitch stick to the top position. Keep the Pitch
    stick at the top position manually since it can return to the central position when released.
    3. Turn on the Power Switch of the transmitter, you should hear the indicator sound of “Di—Di Di” from
    the transmitter repeatedly. Toggle the switch S2 to the CL position, you should hear an indicator
    sound of “Di” from the transmitter, in this case, the transmitter has entered the calibration mode." Its hard to say whether the sound sounds like "Di" or not!! But when I toggle the switch S2 to the CL position I do not get a further audio sound. There is no bleeps at all. So guess I am not in the calbration mode? Have they changed the procedure since those instructions were uploaded?

    I had no issues with my original tx and wish I had not burnt it out. And am a little bit worried about the results I have seen from this replacement. Or do you think its ok? Thats seem to be the snag with dji keeping on tweaking and changing things ever so slightly! What a long post!!


  2. Fair Game

    Nov 27, 2013
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    Sorry I cannot answere your question but…

    I have just taken delivery in the last couple of weeks of a new Phantom. Big shock when I found the throtle was self centring on the TX - And I could not find any reference about this on the DJI site so some anxious moments on the maiden flight. So, yes DJI do make mods and then publish details only after the event.

    Why they ship a brand new Phantom that needs it's firmware updating is also a mystery to me. As indeed why CL, HL and fail safe is not already activate is another.

    Straight out of the box my Phantom flew without any hint of vibration. After updating the firmware I now get a strong vibration in the climb. New balanced props have not eliminated this!! I was just about to recalibrate the TX, but I will hold off until I know the answer to your question also.
  3. OI Photography

    Sep 23, 2013
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    Clarksville, TN
    The Tx with auto-center throttle stick has been shipping for a couple of months now, but yeah DJI didn't exactly broadcast that fact very much. I believe it was a measure to aid all the first-time flyers, and it seems to be a good assistant for those who want the simplest control setup.

    The firmware that is on your Phantom when you receive it is just dependent on when it was manufactured, stocked, and then sold, in comparison to firmware updates that may have been released in the interim. Also, CL and HL are turned off by default to avoid being enabled by new flyers who may not be prepared for the change in control response, and FailSafe IS enabled by default, it's just not tied to a switch as well until manually enabled in the software (also presumably to avoid inadvertent activation by the uninitiated).

    After you did the firmware upgrade, did you apply the stock Phantom settings file from DJI's website? If not, that could be the cause of the erratic flight you've experienced since the upgrade
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