New Phantom Owner.. Questions, I have them...

Apr 29, 2015
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Hi all. I'm pretty new to this drone piloting thing. I did as was advised and learned to fly little quad's before upgrading. I watched a ton of vids/read manuals/reviews etc. My questions don't involve piloting, just some things I've noticed and don't understand. I would really appreciate some help with these two.

I'm flying a Phantom 2 vision plus V3.0 recently bought. (Have had a total of 2 hours of flight time or so, done 4 way point missions with zero issues)

Question 1: My DJI app on my iphone 5 worked good for the first two outings, now it shows my phantom pointing at me when I'm standing behind it (The red stripes/camera is pointing away from me) is there a way to fix this? It is confusing. But home is accurate just direction of phantom is wrong by 180 degrees.

Question 2: On my flight tonight, I was descending from 200 ft, as I approached 130 ft my green lights turned red for about 4 seconds. Then went back to normal. Is this a normal thing like it lost Sat signal for a sec then picked it up or could it be more sinister?

I hope I don't step on any other threads where these have been answered but I couldn't find them.

Thanks in advance.
Robert "Please God don't let me wreck this thing" From CA.
1. Probably an issue with calibration of the compass in your phone (if it has one). Google will help you calibrate the phone compass.
2. Red lights might be indicating 1st battery low voltage alert. What was the battery level when you brought it in?
Google will help calibrate my phone? I'll look into that thank you.

It was about 60% or so, no where near low level. (didn't change the default setting)


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