New P3 Pro, but I think i'm also cursed with the crooked gimble issue.

May 20, 2015
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So, I took the drive after a lot of though and research and picked up my first quadcopter/drone *whatever the hell you wanna call them* yesterday, a lovely new Phantom 3 Pro from a local shop.

Everything seemed to be good an in order during unboxing, firmware update on Phantom and controller, updated Note 4 with newest DJI app and took my first flight indoors

But I immeditely noticed the video feed just didn't look "right" and then I checked the 4k video and photos I took for tests and sure enough, everything was "crooked" on the horizontal plane.

More research into this and I found info in forums to do a full IMU calibration under advanced sensor settings and then do gimble calibration .

I did that 4 seperate times with 2 different micro SD cards and had the Phantom on perfectly level mantle on concrete with no motion. The gimple is slightly better but its still not perfectly angled to the horizon as is evident of photos I took with a bubble measure.

I kinda expect a nearly $1300 piece of hobby equipment to pretty **** flawless out of the box, especially for the camera system just to be level. From what i've read, a lot other people on the web are having same issue.

Thankfully I bought this at a authorized dealer so I'm basically just gonna not touch thing until I can visit them again and have them take a closer look and hopefully just get an exchange when they get more Pro's in.

Anyone else had this issue out of the box and what did you ultimately for a solution?

Mar 22, 2015
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I thought I heard a trick about doing this with the P2V+ --- slipping a few sheets of paper under the side of the Phantom that is "higher" in the video footage and then recalibrate the IMU. Repeat as necessary until video appears level with horizon.

Problem solved. ;)

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