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New HUB Kit and Prop Guards announced yesterday.

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by CaptainChet, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. CaptainChet

    Jan 9, 2014
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    PHANTOM 2 Kits Release Note
    ©2014 DJI Innovations. All Rights Reserved
    Date : January 24, 2014
    PHANTOM 2 FPV HUB Kit Instruction : V1.0
    PHANTOM 2 Prop Guard Attachment Instructions : V1.00
    January 24, 2014 PHANTOM 2 kits

    The following kits have been released for the DJI Phantom 2.

    In the kit FPV HUB, cables and instructions

    Function Customized ports and cables for iOSD mini, iOSD Mark II or AVL58.

    FPV HUB’s integrated iOSD mini,iOSD Mark II or AVL58 ports, connecting directly to the PHANTOM 2
    central board and built-in main controller through an 8-Pin cable. This simplifies connecting these items
    and eliminates the need for soldering.
    PHANTOM 2 Camera Mounting Bracket
    In the kit Camera mounting bracket and screws
    Function Attachment for GoPro cameras and others.
    Feature Gimbal free camera attachment for GoPro and similar cameras.

    PHANTOM 2 Prop Guard
    In the kit 4 prop guards and instructions

    Function Fitted under the rotors to prevent damage to rotors or surroundings.

    Feature Easy to attach, lightweight, safe and reliable.

    Important Notes:
    1. Make sure the PHANTOM 2 weighs no more than 1350g after mounting prop guards. Any extra weight will
    compromise flight capabilities causing a safety risk. The total weight of a PHANTOM 2 with H3-2D gimbal, iOSD and
    wireless video transmitter will be over 1300g, prop guards are not recommended for similarly equipped PHANTOM 2s.

    So when will these be at the dealers??
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