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New here but not to flying..

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DavidW63, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. DavidW63

    Apr 5, 2016
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    Acworth, Georgia
    Just wanted to say Hi. Im new to this site but not new to flying drones. Been in the hobby since Jan 2015 with about 200 plus flights. I own 3 drones, 2 Phantom 2 Visions, and 1 P3P.

    Why the 2 Visions you may ask?? I lost my "first" one last summer after about 60 or so flights in the woods nears ones property. It has been crashed a few times and rebuilt once. Anyhow. The owner of the land would not let me locate it. So I left.. It does have my phone number on it.

    A week later I get another P2V new at a good price, do all my goodie upgrades on it including a RotorPixel Gimbal. About a month ago I get a phone call and the guy says he found my drone.... He admitted he was on a drug fix from his meds at time of my "crash".

    After his "speech" about how I could of hurt somebody.... I was able to come back and retreave it. I gave him a reward, we talked for about 30 minutes, and i was on my way back home.. Since last summer Ive also gotten a Phantom 3 Pro also at a good price and have about 60 or so flights with that one as well. That one is still stock except for Detatch prop guards, Gimbal protector on landing gear, and bracket that covers the camera gimbal motor (ribbon protector) just in case of another crash..

    Since I got my first Phantom back, its now been retired from distance FPV flying, and now its duty is to work as a "relay" drone for the Phantom 2 Vision that Im still flying. But since it was in a tree for about 8 months. I had to completely rebuild it and working the bugs out of it to get it flying again. Its already had a few test flights.

    "Relay" you may ask? Well, I came across a persons channel on youtube named "REDBird", he flys using 2 drones with a Relay setup using 1 phantom 2 WiFi extender and a 5.8 Repeater, both attatched to a drone without a camera.

    This drone is placed up in the air about 150-200ft and left to hover with GPS lock. Then the second drone with the camera is sent off on its flights.

    Reason? The repeaters redirect the signal from the radio via repeater drone then to the one with the camera, avoiding trees, buildings, and other obstructions. This allows the camera drone to be flown near ground level at a distance without the signal being lost.

    Sorry for the long intoduction, If you read this far, then I guess you liked what i sayed so far. Im in process of doing this with my 2 drones. It wont work with the P3 series since it uses a different signal.

    Other then the developer, Im the first one in the "world" to purchase the 5.8 repeater to use this setup. As he just started offering them for sale a few days ago.

    Anyhow.. That is where im at with this hobby so far. Thanks for reading..

    BTW.. In case your thinking.. Im a real person, Im not "SPAM" and im not trying to sell a product. Im just telling everyone what Im doing with this hobby so far. I Know it may sound like a "sales pitch" but its not.... Thanks for your understanding..
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  2. Mark The Droner

    Aug 26, 2015
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    Yes, we are familiar with REDBird and his repeater setup. It's pretty cool.

    Welcome to the site!
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