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Jan 4, 2014
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United States,Houston, Tx
OK my true honest opinion on this sites new "cosmetic" makeover....It SUCKS!!!!
I F'ing Hate-it!! Compared to the old style I just can't use this setup. I don't even use the site like I used to with the original setup. I used to spend 2 hrs @ day, at a minimum. Not taking anything away from the folks that worked hard on this new deal/but I'm sorry I can't use this site efficiently anymore... And it makes me sick because I REALLY LOVED THIS SITE!!!!!![emoji22]
It would have been nice if we could have a different viewing options like it did before.


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Moose...I know how ya feel but we have to adapt to this . I'am having a time getting used to it too but am trying cause I just got to many folks in here I really think so much of !
I just started hanging in one spot and got used to it and then moved to another .
I by any means am not very computer savy and I hate changes too but times are a changing
and so we are going to have to also !
Hang in there Moose and just give it a little more time ! ;)
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I didn't use the previous version but a month so this change is not such a big deal for me. I am relatively new to forums so certainly didn't know enough of the old features to make a comparison, but, I like this new format. It seems easy to use but I understand that easiness is couched in my lack of experience with the previous version...
I am here every day too, don't like it, but getting over it slowly
Yur Getting:D old Lee, got your Inspire jet!
I think it's getting better, Moose.

More folks getting avatars helps as well!
Well the old saying applies... no one likes a change but a baby.
I feel your pain but you got off easy.. finding you have stage 4 esophageal cancer and then doing chemo and taxation and spending 3 months in the hospital, of that 50 days in intensive care where the had him take out all you esophagus, over 1/2 of your stomach, 1 of your lungs and removed 33 lump nodes an have the cancer return to have chemo and finish with you 50th radiation treatment and more surgery. Total bill so far 2.2 million dollars and have to have 12,000 dollar CT scans every three months.
But guess what.. I'm not complaining as God is good and I'm still here able to fly. Can't walk far with one lung as I get out of breath but I can post on here fly my Phantom. Took me two-year to recover so dear Moose be thankful, there is all ways someone in worse condition than you and me.

MERRY CHRISTMAS.. MY first in three years. And God bless you all.

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