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Naza Mode... What are you waiting for??

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by Stile2112, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Stile2112

    Jul 30, 2014
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    Union City, California
    So the training wheels came off yesterday and I switched over to Naza mode... Wow! I should have done it sooner. The extra functions that are available are well worth the switch.

    Ran through all the functions, GPS, CL, HL, ATTI & RTH... all worked perfectly. HL is a breeze. Can't see your Phantom??... flick the S2 completely down and pull the right stick down and back she'll come. To lazy to do even that?? Flick the S1 switch completely down to RTH and presto... she returns. Once in visual sight, flick the S1 switch back up to GPS and you're in control.

    To those who are not sure about switching to Naza mode, understand that when both of the switches are in the full up position, the Phantom files "exactly" as if you are in Phantom mode. The only difference is the light patterns... and they're easy enough to figure out after a few flights.

    I even pulled the trigger and did a few Ground Station missions.... finally. It was just too easy.... of course I'm not going to lie. My heart was racing and I had a hard time making my finger hit the GO button :)

    Here's what I've come to understand. These forums, as much as they are a wealth of information, they also generate a good amount of fear. We read post after post of the all the negative things associated with our Phantoms.... crashes, fly aways, GPS issues, motor issues and worst of all.... the dreaded broken camera ribbon cable. What we rarely hear are the good stories, outside of the posted videos. So every time I went flying, i had this fear that something bad was going to happen. I never went out further then where I couldn't see her... and because of that, I lost some great opportunities while on vacation for some really great shots. One opportunity being in Idaho at the Snake River Canyon. I couldn't bring myself to fly over the canyon.... I was just too nervous. This fear also kept me from even considering Naza mode as well.

    I know I'm off topic a bit, but I'll circle back around and wrap it up.... If you are on the fence about switching to Naza mode.... don't be. There are several YouTube videos showing you how to do it... look up Simon Newton (On the kitchen table). He has a few videos on Naza mode.... plus he really seems to have the pulse of what's going on with our Phantoms in general.

    If you're happy flying in Phantom mode, then great, but if you want a bit more functionally..... switch to Naza mode. With a few flights under your belt, you'll wonder why you didn't do before.

    You bought a Ferrari..... stop driving it in the slow lane :p
  2. happydays

    Jul 5, 2013
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    Warrenpoint, Ireland
  3. BlackTracer

    Mar 29, 2014
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    Winter Park, FL USA
    Lol I did the exact same thing the fist time with GS. I mapped out a simple squarish set of waypoints with the final point in the middle of the square and the first point very near the XY of my home point. Then inside my head with my finger near the GO button, "Should I? No. Should I? Uggghhh. Should I? Oh what the hell." It flew it flawlessly.

    As for NAZA, I switched over about 5 flights in on my original P2V in March. I wasn't even a member of this forum yet. I was on RC Groups and a guy named RemE was my mentor for a short while. He probably doesn't even remember but I do. I knew nothing of the light patterns or that they were even going to change. So when I powered up on the kitchen table, I was freaking out at the red flashes. I thought sure I had screwed something up. Needless to say he enlightened me, pointed me to the NAZA-M V2 manual, and all was good again. I flew my P2V+ in Phantom the first flight but NAZA ever since.

    +10^9 on NAZA mode.
  4. SpikeFinch

    Jul 17, 2014
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    As Jessy Pinkman would say....

    Naza!!... *****!
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