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Much wow. Such satisfaction. A P3P story.

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Bojankins, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Bojankins

    Jul 28, 2015
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    After ordering my p3p from www.dronesetc.com the anticipation to fly this little guy grew tremendously. As annoying as it was, having to wait turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This gave me time to study, prepare myself for the first flight and wrap my head a around what to do if something goes wrong.

    During the waiting process I decided to buy a little quad copter off amazon for around 20 bucks.


    I suggest ordering one. They're a load of fun, durable and give you a real idea of what it's like to fly with no GPS. With that and YouTube/Google at you fingertips you'll learn so much by the time the drone arrives, you'll feel like an expert. This is good but don't get cocky. You'll bite the dust.

    My fist flight was a nightmare due to the app on my Galaxy S5. The lag was real and the app crashed. I didn't fret because the p3p itself is a dream to fly and having it in sight makes it incredibly easy to control with no FPV. That being said, we buy the drone for lightbridge and the fpv it brings us. Fingers crossed this is addressed soon. I will state, i switched from the S5 to the IPhone today. I used the S5 with cell service switched off and the video feed came through so much better. I'll be curious to see the difference when I use my the new iPhone.

    It was around my sixth flight that I had my first heart dropping moment. I had taken the P3P out of beginner mode and into the advanced. I tweaked the camera settings and took off. After flying around close to my normal route I decided to take it higher and further. After a minute I lost sight of it for a second and then what I thought was it appeared. The three people with me were voicing concern about how far away it was getting and I took off towards it through the yard.

    Realizing the p3p was seemingly flying away and the android app had crashed I hit the return home button. Oh the glorious return home button. The craft I had my eye on did not change course and was heading very fast away from home. The craft I was eyeing was not a p3p at all. With my head racing and heart broken I hear the familiar noise buzzing above my head. The little guy had come home and it wasn't far away all along. After reviewing the video you can see that it was just hovering there waiting for me to give it a command. For those of you who have had real fly always, I feel for you. It was a terrible feeling.

    The p3p flys great and when the app is working this thing is beautiful. Im on a flight now to Louisiana and unfortunately the p3p is staying behind. The company in working with has a p2 so I'll be taking her out for a spin. I want to thank this site. There's so much information here and people are very responsive to questions ask and discussing a variety of things. I can't wait to get home in 6 weeks and continue flying. Take care everyone.


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