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Moverio BT-200 issues reported to Epson & DJI

Discussion in 'FPV (First Person View)' started by sexybeast, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. sexybeast

    Oct 14, 2014
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    utrecht, the netherlands
    Hi, i have informed both DJI and Epson support of my findings so far with the Moverio BT200 glasses using the DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus app, did i miss anything else? Please let me know.

    Hello DJI and Epson support, i am the proud owner of a DJI Phantom Vision 2 plus drone along with the Epson Moverio BT200 glasses.

    I do have several issues for which there seems to be no support and/or solution availlable. Since contacting both your support departments indvidually does not help and to avoid finger pointing I need your advise and help.

    As a lot of users experience the points below, gathered from divers forums like phantompilots.com etc i can rule out that it is related to my hardware, software or settings.
    I would like you, DJI and Epson, to verify this together and provide feedback on known issues and if preferrably a solution.

    My findings so far are:
    1. The DJI Vision App does not apear to be availlabe in the Moverio app store

    DJI advertises the compatibility so why not have the app availlable?


    Both Epson and DJI support do not help, only solution is to get the .apk file (for android for example), put it on the moverio and install it.

    2. (Mouse) Pointer dissapears while using DJI Vision app on Moverio
    Lose pointer and therefor control. Unable to select anything, only option is to hard shutdown device and reboot. Very annoying in flight.

    3. In the Vision app, the camera image preview is shifted to the right, only by hiding flight info it centers on the screen, not a big issue but when using a Phone the image fills up the entire space.

    4. Ground station is not accessible in the Vision app when running on the Moverio. I try to move cursor from right to left with one or two fingers but this does not give access, if the Ground Station does show up, it hides immediately

    5. FPV mode can't be switched on in settings when vision app running on the Moverio, this is the main reason why i bought the glasses.

    Please let me know that you have received this request and let me know if i can be of assistence with other information.

    I hope that together we can soon provide a working solution to both Epson and DJI users, this could boost the sales of both products when people share their experience enthousiastically on social media and forums.

    Best regards,
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