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MOVERIO bt-200 and paid for wi-fi apps

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by nedro018, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. nedro018

    Jul 7, 2014
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    bought the "expensivey" MOVERIO bt-200 for FPV in the sun.

    i cant see FPV for squat on note II or nexus 7. i bought enough sun shades for a free tank of gas. stayed under so many shade trees i drank too much beer.

    so this solution look(ed) good to me. for FPV. so i side-installed current dji app to it OK.

    i also installed other cool movie apps and browser apps and gps tools OK. in case i get bored under those shade trees. i think its everything i need for now for FPV.

    problem is, i bought a play store vendor's android wi-fi extender amplifier app on play store, which i like. i paid money for it. now, if you buy an android apk one-time, legally you can install it on any other android device where you can login to play store.

    alas...the bt-200 does not yet support play store (app install) because epson is not yet "certified PlayStore-wise"...yet. im sure it will happen, eventually. but im stuck for now. i lastly only need to side-load my paid for app.

    how to? i need to download the .apk file to a HARDRIVE and not INSTALL IT TO A DEVICE. has to be a SIDE-LOADED. so i need the paid-for .apk file to actually be downloaded somehow.

    any ideas? technical one's?

    i dont need any non technical/off topic solutions here. i can pay for the app again but i dont even know if it will will work yet on this android device so i dont want to. the vendor says it works on android 2.0+ i have 4.0.4

    thanks for all solutions-answers. also, for any feedback from any other bt-200 owner's advice.

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