Maximum Height when'breezy'

Mar 21, 2015
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Currently on a droning trip in sunny Lanzerote

Got some awesome footage but getting hampered by the infamous wind. I'd describe the conditions as breezy as opposed to windy. I measured occasional gusts of up to 15mph at ground level.

When I viewed yesterday's footage I occasionally got what looked like interference. I'm assuming it's the gimbal struggling with the gusts when it's up in the air.

I've not dared to take it any higher than 150ft but would like to take it a lot higher.

Anyone care to comment on there experiences flying higher in these sort of conditions??

Altitude in and of itself is not really the issue.
Yes winds aloft can vary and the general rule is they increase with altitude as they are no longer interacting with the surface objects.

The first issues that come to mind with winds are:

Do you have enough flight control to overcome them in a headwind situation?,
Are you prepared if the a/c switches into Atti mode (wind-drift)?
Are you aware of possible reduced flight times due to the added demands of maintaining position?
I try and fly into the winds so coming back isn't as issue. im leaving myself at least a third battery on each flight to ensure I have enough power to get back.
Wasn't aware of it switching into Atti mode. Does it does this if it can't cope with the wind speed?
The fundamental difference between GPS and ATTI from the pilots point of view is that the quad no longer maintains its position above the ground when there is no input. It can and will drift with the wind. If the quad is in ATTI, is downwind of the pilot and the wind is faster than it the quad can fly - it will blow away. If it can make progress into the wind, but not fast enough, the battery may fail before it gets back. You are doing the right thing staying downwind of it.

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