lost connection at short range.



I lost connection at short range. There was nothing intefering I could actually personally see Phantom. No video signal just went dead.

I was about 100 ft up. 300 feet out.
Right when it lost signal it asked me to Return home or cancel in the app.

My real question is why would it ask me that. Shouldnt it just RTH when it loses signal. If it lost signal how would it even tell the quad to RTH. That concerns me. It just sat where it lost signal. I pressed cancel and pressed RTH on the remote. It actually started to come back but did not regain signal at any point. Once it was about 100ft above home. It started to descend so I went to home menu in app and tried reopening camera. It then got signal back and fpv was available. Pretty sketchy if you ask me. There was no interference anywhere as I been flying in open space in the same spot past couple days.

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