Aug 1, 2014
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Scottish Highlands
Just wondering: does the Lightbridge technology the Phantom 3 is inheriting from its bigger cousin the Inspire have better penetration through trees and the like, when compared to the existing technology used in the Phantom range?

The reason I ask is because I watched a video with Adam Savage test flying the Inspire and there were occasions when he appeared to completely lose LOS behind buildings and other obstructions, with no loss of image or aircraft control.
Yes. Lightbridge is based on the same tech as 4G LTE, and the P2V is purely Wifi for video and RF for control ( which is why you lose FPV before control when flying distances). So think of Lightbridge as AM and Wifi as FM. AM radio waves have a much longer range and can penetrate objects easier than FM radio waves, which is how the P3/Inspire can achieve such a long range when compared to the P2, and also why Adam didn't lose fpv/control when behind obstructions. That's not to say you won't lose signal (just like your cell phone in certain buildings), it's just a lot less likely with the P3 than with the P2 under the same conditions. Hope that helps.
Yes, it does help. Thank you for a clear explanation that confirms my suspicions. All these goodies to experience, it makes it even harder to control itchy fingers. Roll on delivery day!

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