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Lightbridge Distance problem w/ T8fgs

Discussion in 'DJI Lightbridge' started by Lancew09, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Lancew09

    Aug 1, 2014
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    I am new to the forum and a new P2 owner with about 25 flights totaling about 7 hours of flight time.

    I just recieved my P2 H3-3D with the Lightbridge kit on the Futaba T8fgs transmitter from a online dealer, preassembled and tested before shipped to me.

    I've had a couple growing pains since recieving my kit, I'm hoping to get some help on this site.

    First, since I've had my kit these last 2 days I've not been able to login to the DJI LB app. I keep getting the "request timeout" after entering in my email and password on my Galaxy Pro 10.1" tablet. It just so happend that the DJI server is apparently down the weekend I recieved my LB, at least that's what one of the dealers online said. Another dealer told me that I needed to be on Wifi or have LTE service to run the LB app, is this true? Please tell me NO!!! If so, this will kill all the plans I have for my Phantom, both business and personal.

    Second, I've lost my LB remote signal 3 times tonight, everytime roughly 600-700ft away, resulting in the P2 going into Fail Safe mode and returning home. Twice I lost it in "smooth pan" mode at roughly 650 ft in the air, total lost signal. The other time I was just flying around 700ft up and it entered into FS mode. I have no clue what's happing, and getting support from dealers is literally impossible or useless and forget about emailing DJI support.

    My T8fgs that came with my kit did not come with a Futaba reciever, all they did is unplug the stock reciever to allow access for the LB cable. That being said, I've tried turning off RF and I still lost LB signal, even though I knew the reciever was not linked with the stock reciever.

    Hopefully someones experienced these issues and can give me some assistance.


  2. lucid111

    Jun 18, 2014
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    Sounds like you're not turning off your RF signal when you start your Futaba or your phone or GoPro camera's wifi or bluetooth is on. Make sure your phone is in airplane mode. You only need to login the app once with internet. The app may want to use GPS on your phone though.
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