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Lets do another Test Flight with the CM3000 and New CF Props

Discussion in 'Photos and Video' started by Ton4, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. Ton4

    Nov 28, 2013
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    Another boring test flight, just for pixel peeping, flight number (forgot).

    This time with the Arris CM3000 gimbal and the latest AlexMos firmware 2.40b6.

    Strangely this firmware started to work after many earlier failures. After these failures I went back to 2.3b5 did many flights. Uploaded 2.4b6 and the gimbal just did its job like it should without any adjustments. I have gremlins in the gimbal, I think. I halved the I values of the default parameters, and nothing changed actually. Some of the parameters of the previous 2.4 setup were remembered however. Just set the speed a bit lower of the follow yaw. It seems as the 2.4 firmware for the CM3000 is much better in keeping horizon level as the 2.3 firmware. Not perfect, but very good.

    Flight times have been reduced by a lot, from about 9 minutes to 7 minutes (2700mah Gens Ace) and there are more vibes that I am used to. My guess this is because of the landing gear I have now, its a bit wider and hangs in the propwash, but I can only be sure if I change gear again.

    I used CF 9443 props that I did not trust, since their shape at the leading edge was quite different from DJI 9443's and even from other CF 9443 props I have. Did the balancing however, and gave them a try. Less vibes as with the (balanced) ooxxxo plastic self tightening 9443 props, (did that this morning), but may also be because in this flight it was already getting dark, therefore lower shutter.

    My bearings seem to hold out after oiling them a bit. Yet, when I listen to the Phantom in flight, it seems as there is, at times, some lower resonating sound. I can't place it. The motors sound good when rotated by hand.

    Gains: attitude 100%, basic 140%, yaw 100%, altitude 110%, little wind or turbulence.

    Background sound: recorded in the area a few weeks ago in the evening with a TASCAM DR-05.

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