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Standard Lessons learned

Discussion in 'Phantom 3 Help' started by brianc, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. brianc

    Feb 6, 2016
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    Adelaide South Australia
    Hi everyone, just some thoughts on my first few weeks flying quads.

    It is an expensive interest
    It is extremely technical
    It is unforgiving if you dont set everything up exactly by the numbers
    You will crash
    I wish I had joined forums like this one and checked out Youtube

    My first quad was a V303, flew well but broke down 3 times so was returned
    Second was Twister Quattro X - flew 2-3 times, lost a prop at around 3 meters. Sold for parts
    Next was a Blade Glimpse XL - great machine, performed well and still is, but wanted better video
    Then came a mint condition Dji P2 Vision plus. Loved it, great video, but managed to scrape camera
    off on low branch - camera written off, only $150 for a Dji Standard.
    Right now I am very happy with the P3S

    Before I started flying again

    Installed Carbon Fibre camera protector
    Installed prop guards

    Set up the following Check list.
    Lens cap off
    Lens clean
    Camera lock removed
    SD card installed
    Mobile brightness high
    Tx On
    Switches up
    Aircraft on
    Connect wifi to aircraft
    Start Go app
    Calibrate compass
    Check home point location
    Install and check props tight
    Check aircraft status
    General inspection.
    Area clear
    Recording on

    Obviously it doesnt cover all Dji models, but it is a good base.
    I know there are Check lists with dozens of items, but I believe this one covers the basic things
    for a successful flight, and is something to use on every first takeoff

    I hope this might help save a quad or two, especially if you are new like me (Been flying rc planes
    for 30 yrs

    One last comment - if you are new to quads/rc buy yourself a Blade Nano QX - it hovers like it has gps
    and some hours on that will really get your orientation skills

    Thanks,and Happy Flying

    EDIT: Sorry, meant to say that the camera was over $700 to replace, a new P3S only $150 more
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  2. Slow Polk

    Dec 26, 2015
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    Salem, Oregon USA
    Wise choice in moving up to a P3S. Might want to consider a P3A or P next time. Or wait until the P4 come out. Keep flying.
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