KUUQA - DJI Screen Protector for DJI Phantom 3 / 4 - Fits perfectly and peace of mind.

May 24, 2016
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Frisco, TX


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I wanted to find a way to protect my valuable stock Phantom 4 threaded lens with something that was durable, easy to apply, lightweight, and made with quality. With this Kuuqa tempered glass screen protector I think I found a winner.

This protector is a perfect application for those like me who try and get dramatic take off shots by aiming the camera straight down as you lift off. It protects the stock lens from damage due to sand and other debris that gets kicked up upon liftoff.

Installation is straightforward. See my photos for the process that I took. I first washed my hands and prepared a clean, dust free surface to work on. I then proceeded to remove the stock lens to make application easier and more precise. I cleaned the stock lens with a spare lint-free cloth as well as rubbing alcohol to remove any traces of dirt or oil. About a lint-free cloth...this is one thing, in my opinion, that this screen protector should have included. Not everyone has a lint-free lens cloth and it would cost the supplier a minimal amount extra to include.

I then carefully pulled away the adhesive side revealing the ring of glue. It is a very thin sticky material similar to what you find a new credit card attached to paper with...rubbery and sticky. Apply the screen protector carefully to the stock lens taking care to align it as best as possible. Make sure that you stick the protector on once the first time to avoid the glue from separating and losing its adhesion if you do repeated attempts. This is why I removed the stock lens first. Verify the entire screen protector perimeter firmly adhered. You do not want it to come off or allow a gap for dirt and debris to enter. I do like that the outside diameter is slightly smaller than the factory lens which means you are less likely to snag the screen protector on something and pull it off.

After application, remove the clear plastic front to expose the crystal clear finish of the protector, wipe with a lint-free cloth if necessary and you are finished! This screen protector is so thin that you hardly notice that it is on. Despite others claiming the contrary, I found this screen protector still allowed you to use the stock plastic gimbal guard that holds the camera and gimbal in place, although it was a snug fit. this gimbal guard also protects the add-on lens from getting knocked off during transport.

In conclusion, this product will pay for itself, especially if you have to replace your stock lens with a new one. At last check a new one is $38 on DJI's website! It is certainly worth the peace of mind! I took an aerial photo for you to see the clarity and that this Kuuqa Screen Protector does not distort or hinder the clarity of the image.

As a side note, this product was sent to me for free or at a discounted price in exchange for a fair and unbiased thorough review. I take my reviews seriously and take care to do a thorough evaluation of any products I try and use. I reserve the right to update this review if I come across any new information or issues to add. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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