Just bought a P3

Apr 29, 2015
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Hi guys,

I am new to drones and I just bought a new P3 Advance edition, I should receive it by tomorrow because the store I got it from is local.

In case anyone is looking for one here is the link http://www.dronenerds.com/products/...rd-with-1080p-video-phantom3standard-dji.html

BTW any tips on how to fly it? For now I will just read the manual and fly it low for at least 5 or 10 flies till I get used to it jeej I don't want to crash 1000 dollars :p

The main reason I bought it is because I ride road bikes and I wanted to use either programed flight or Fallow me to record me while riding. I live in Miami so the view is beautiful next to the beach :).

Anyways, I cant wait till tomorrow :)
Well it doesn't have follow me or waypoints yet, so hopefully the sales guy didn't say it did.

Just take it slow for a while, wide areas, learn how it flies. Push it every new flight until you get confidence.
The main reason I bought it is because I ride road bikes and I wanted to use either programed flight or Fallow me to record me while riding.


Not to be a killjoy here or anything, but the P3 currently does not support waypoints (programmed flight) or follow me. Those are features discussed (at least waypoints) to be added at a later date, or possibly created by a 3rd party app through the dev SDK, but neither are available right now, out of the box, nor do they have an eta...
Tips? Go slow, take your time, learn it's personality. Get a lot of seat time so that the movements are second nature.

I'm extremely happy with how the P3 flies compared to the others that I've owned and flown, it's very responsive and crisp. The P3 is a great unit for someone learn with.
Use the KISS Rule!..... (Keep It Simple Stupid! ) :)

Read the book and learn about the app and controls on the remote...

Open area...!

No visitors / mates to bug u

easy as to fly... In trouble? Just let go of the sticks... it will just float in the sky.

RTH button...

Have fun...

Yeah i know it doesnt have does features.
But what about the auto flight you do on your map?
If you're using an iOS device to pair with your P3A I would highly recommend flying in the simulator first. The controls and flight characteristics are very good and it allows you to fly without fear. Just make sure you do not have props on while using the simulator (granted the motors won't start in simulation mode but still ... safety first).
It's not an autoflight feature. It just allows you to draw "guide" line that overlay on the map so you can manually follow it. The only "autoflight" is takeoff, landing and return to home.
Thats what i ment heje, that way i can have the drone fly over me while riding, can i also adjust the speed?
Yeah i have iOS, IPhone 6

Perfect. Practice in the simulator and you'll have a great understanding of your machine without risking damage. Once you feel a bit comfortable take it slow and low in an open field. You'll be well on your way. Best of luck to you.
Could have saved a lot of money. Sounds to me what you really need is just some string, kite and a GoPro.

Another reason why I got the drone is because since 3 months ago there have been someone in our neighborhood trowing rocks during the day at some of the houses around mine and also my house.

So I am determined to find who the person is lol I already have an idea from where the rocks are coming so lets hope they I can take him or her on video jejejej
Hi guys, i just found a small inconvenience :(
Check attached picture.

My house is right inside the no fly zone grrrrr!!!!!!

Any work around that? I am not planing to constantly fly it over my house but i would like to :)

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