Is go pro worth it?

Sep 28, 2014
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White Lake, Mi
Thinking of trading up to a GoPro 3 wifi. worth it? what about range? same as FC40?
The GoPro Hero 3 White has a 600ft / 183m range over the fc40 camera at 300ft / 91m range. However, it must be optimal conditions for both cameras.
thank you. The WiFi is 2.4 correct?
thank you. The WiFi is 2.4 correct?
On the Hero 3 White it is. If I'm not mistaken, the GoPro app is transmitting on a 2.4ghz freq for all Hero's using it. However, sometime back, there was an issue of interference with the Phantom 2 because of them both using the same freq. of 2.4ghz. Why DJI would allow such a flaw for wifi in the system is beyond me. Using the Hero cams without wifi and the Phantom 2 would work just fine. But you'd have to be in close eye sight of the bird to get what you'd like on the video.

Here's a video showing the issue...
I have a gopro 3 white. I have heard that some claim as in the above video that the wifi range is about 150 meters. I tested mine and only get about 80 feet. So, what's the deal. I never have the camera wifi on anyway on my 2.4 Phantoms but was curious.
Thanks guys. My fc40 operates on 5.8 so I guess I'm okay.
The Gopro wifi has way too much lag to use as FPV (about 2-4 second delay). You'll need your own FPV system.
I have no plans for fpv for this phantom. Maybe a Vision if I can find one. I have to divest a few other toys first! Thanks for the input!

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