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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonrms, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. jonrms

    Sep 29, 2013
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    Humberside England But From CT USA Born! USN div 0
    Hello everyone, I have just bought my DJI Phantom, I am quite excited after watching many many hours of videos and the "ease of use" that this provides.

    I am very interested to know how many people here are in the uk? and if they run into difficulties with the wind?

    Also I know that going for a carbon fibre blades are far better, ie stiffer than the normal ones from reading up on here.

    I asked DJI if they believed that the 3 blade system was the way to go and they replied no, but yet the evidence on here suports and contradicts what they said... So for now I will just keep the stock on and learn with them. Then I will start progressing into gopro and or FPV something I really want to do (or both) I have seen so many fantastic views from above you forget what a nice world we live in. Anyway thank you all and I hope to show you my Gopro when it arrives!!!!!!!! on very excited new owner to be.

    Jon :D
  2. The Editor

    Aug 7, 2013
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    Hi Jon,

    Welcome to the forum and the hobby !

    I'm in the UK and there is also the UK forum over at DJIGUYS.com here ----> http://www.djiguys.com/Forum/index.php

    Which is based in the UK.

    You will have LOTS of fun with the Phantom, it's very addictive. I wouldn't worry about swapping over props etc to start with, just get used to flying the quad and when you are comfortable with orientation and how the different modes work (and you've got any crashes out of your system by flying into trees/walls that jump out at you :lol: ) then you can start to spend money !!

    Best upgrade by far.... A gimbal ! It will transform your footage.

    Have fun and stop by the UK forum as well.

    All the best

    The Editor
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