Increaseing Wifi Signal makes things worse??

Mar 26, 2015
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I used the TxPower ap to increase the dbm of both the camera / wifi extender to 27 dbm.

When i do so it seems that I actually get Less range out of the device, and the video becomes more choppy??

Has anyone else had this happen to them.

I'm using a stock Phantom Vision Plus V3 fully updated with stock controller.

I have tried other signal boosting apps and received the same result.

My flights have been done in a large open field with no power lines in sight, and the Phantom at a good high above ground.

I had full line of sight of the Phantom and loss video signal at less then 1,000 Feet with the wifi extended to 27 DBM.

Any ideas?

Thank You!
Well what was your FPV range prior to trying to boost?
I believe the booster settings sweet spot is 14 DBM for both wifi and camera. Maxing out the DBM for either apparently gives you less than optimal results.
Well what was your FPV range prior to trying to boost?

Before I did the boost I would get up to about 1300 or 1400 foot range... With it maxed at 27 I get less then that! Should be the opposite! ha

I will try out the 14dbm setting as mentioned in the other post and see what that does for me.
yeah try the 14dbm, but that still seems pretty short unless you fly in a congested area.
I'm really looking forward in trying this booster app as soon a I receive my PV2+ tomorrow :). Of course I will mainly be using my drone for checking my hog traps in the mornings.
It's to my understanding that the neither the vPlus or Range Extender will go any further then 20dBm. If it is set above that number in the app, it will remain at 20dBm and the hardware wont support it.
I got 2400 feet with the Tx Power app set to 20 DBM before I started to lose video signal. Stock P2V+

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