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I got a battery not recognized on my app

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SPINGLEDOINK, Sep 22, 2014.


    Sep 16, 2014
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    Hi Gents & Laydees,

    I went to my local field to practice flying, rugby posts, fly arounds etc...
    I booted up as normal and my DJI app said unrecognized battery or some similar message.
    Thankfully I had watched some online videos posted by Mr Simon Newton.
    So my Flight Case was loaded with the necessary tools to correct this.
    I assume this is a dirty contact between the Battery & the Aircraft.
    I scraped the battery terminals and plunged the pins a few times and tried re-starting.
    But to no avail.....

    I did the afore mentioned procedure again and all was well...

    I have since, at home in the "hangar" cleaned the pins on the aircraft with emery paper and cleaned any residue from the pins and scraped the connection points on the battery to ensure a good connection.

    I have also checked the pins for free travel, and no issues.

    Am i missing anything in what I have done??

    This is a stock Phantom battery.

    Any replies this evening would be greatly appreciated as I am going to test data logging at noon tomorrow (22-09-14)

    Many thanks in Advance.....
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