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Howdy from the Lone Star State

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Ken73, May 1, 2016.

  1. Ken73

    Apr 30, 2016
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    Sealy, TX
    The FedEx guy showed up yesterday with my brand-new Phantom 3 4K - which I chose specifically because I couldn't justify the cost of a Pro considering I'm not really looking to take uber long distance shots but did want the higher camera resolution. I figured I could spend the money I saved on other things (prop guards, remote labels, extra batteries, camera filters, maybe even a dedicated small tablet.)

    So, that being said - I have a teeny amount of flying experience as I bought an Estes Proto-X (don't laugh, you know you want one!) a year or so ago and learned how to fly that on my own then "upgraded" to Syma X5c and learned how to crash that into trees (err I mean fly.) Oddly enough I can fly the Syma indoors perfectly but have a heck of a time outdoors (when it's windy.) When there's little to no wind I can fly it pretty well. An old colleague of mine has a Phantom 2 that he's modified and has been mentoring me as to what I should get.

    Not satisfied with the camera (or the controls) on the Syma I finally broke down and bought the Phantom. So far I've taken it out of the box and charged the battery and remote up (separately, like the instructions say - I downloaded them prior to it even getting here and read through them.) Considering the investment I'd like to be sure I don't crash or break this thing! Weather hasn't exactly been cooperating (and chasing a toddler around doesn't help) so I want to be able to give this thing my full attention before I attempt a flight.

    Really I wanted it for the photography aspect; to document progress around my little "ranch" we live at far west of Houston as well as do some videos for friends who have property, too. (Think longhorn cattle in fields of wildflowers!) I bought a filter (it isn't here yet) but I did carefully attempt to remove the existing UV filter with no luck, so I think I'm going to attempt to fabricate a 37mm filter adapter on my lathe so I can use actual photography filters.
  2. JamesH

    Apr 22, 2016
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    Orange County, CA, USA
    Welcome, Ken! I'm really looking forward to seeing any pictures or video you'd like to share. I've visited Texas a number of times, but never been in the Houston area.
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