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how do you find out if its legal or illegal to fly somewhere

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by Migmon, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Migmon

    Nov 27, 2013
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    How do you even find out if there is something that prohibits you from flying somewhere?

    is there any protections as a citizen you can have in case there is an accident? im just wondering here as i dont know and appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.
  2. garygid

    Dec 15, 2013
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    Laguna Hills, Orange county, CA 92653
    Re: how do you find out if its legal or illegal to fly somew

    There are many local "laws" about what is permitted use of the local grounds.
    Contact the local governing agency, and the local building or zoning departments
    might be able to give you some pointers in the right direction.

    For private property, contact the owner of the property, which you can usually
    determine at the local building permit offices.

    Local, county, and state parks and various kinds of preserves usually have rules
    prohibiting radio controlled flying objects. Check posted signs and rules, and ask
    at any controlled entrance. Even if there is no controlled access or posted rules,
    there still can easily be rules and laws (and penalties) that would apply.

    For use of the airspace, the FAA (or military) usually has jurisdiction, and the airspace
    maps for pilots usually list all the restricted and controlled areas, and there are some
    general rules for using the rest of the airspace. There are highways in the sky, and
    aircraft can be almost anywhere. Often local police and news people seem to
    get away with violating the general airspace laws... but they have the guns...

    Clearly, creating a hazard to air traffic, or to ground activities, is taken seriously.
    Flying near crowds or children could easily be considered hazardous behavior.

    For example, flying near a freeway might create a hazard if cars slow or stop to look.
  3. amrflyingdude

    Dec 18, 2013
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    Re: how do you find out if its legal or illegal to fly somew

    As an Airline Pilot I can perhaps help you answer some of your questions.

    Here is a hard rule I would not break:
    Don't ever fly near any airport, heliport, port, cargo facility or federal facilities of any kind at all, I would stay at least 5 miles away from anything federal, official etc. This is serious, all you need is a ramp worker or someone to repot you and you will be heavily questioned and who knows what else.

    In addition as a rule of thumb, I stay away from populated areas and limit my flights to 400 feet. I always see these videos of phantoms and other quads flying at the beach and other places where is a heavy traffic of people, maybe I am too old and too careful but the least I want is for my hobby to land on someone else's head.

    I enjoy my fights the most when I am sure I cannot create any harm to nothing and nobody.

    Hope this helps.
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