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Mar 1, 2014
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For the past year I have been using and testing different GPS trackers that will help you locate your Aircraft should it become lost. I found a few different ones but with each came some difficulties in finding the correct sim card and service that would work.

Recently I came across the Trackimo that I believe is a great unit as it comes complete including a full years service. You can see my review here it is a bit long, as I also show the different screens you may want to use should it need to be located.

I have done a lot of testing and also sent some requests back to the company hoping they will add some features in their updates. Still it works great and has proven it's self not only on my tests, but during a mishap I had when my Phantom went into failsafe on the other side of some very high trees. Needless to say it took me to the exact spot where it was dangling 60ft in the tree! Not the way I had intended to test it, but I am glad I had it just the same ! lol.....

I hope my tests help those that are looking for something like this as it is small and weighs 1.1oz If you go to order and mention GrandpaReview they will discount $5 I thought I would ask them for some sort of discount and this is what they gave which I thought was nice of them. I give some pointers on how to locate from the map and by Latitude, Longitude if you want to use an app or gps unit.

Take care
Grandpa Jake
Thanks for doing that Grandpa Jake, good stuff.

I have a somewhat special need for a tracker. Some places I fly have cell service and some places do not. The terrain varies from rolling hills with 200' tops, to steep mountain slopes with deep valleys and tall pines, and finally to the top of the mountain where there are tall pines and varying terrain.

Do you have any thoughts as to which tracker might work for me?
Thanks for your time.

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