GPS tracking devices for Phantom

Jan 18, 2014
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Christchurch, New Zealand
Hi Everyone,

After having a few fly always with my old quad I made a few enquiries today about small, light weight GPS tracking devices that can be attached to quads for easier retrieval in the event of my new P2 also potentially flying away. I discovered that for about $240 ($NZ, approx $200 US) I can buy a pet tracking GPS unit that operates by recording its own waypoints at predetermined time intervals when it detects motion. If the person controlling it dials the number attributed to its SIM then it replies with an SMS that provides coordinates which are overlayed onto Google Maps on your smartphone. In the event of a fly away the operator calls the number, opens the returned SMS and can then locate their crashed drone to an accuracy of 1 metre.

I know that I have seen a few posts here where people have mentioned that they'd like to know if something like this is available, which it is. These are dearer than the cheap Chinese made versions who's accuracy can be out by up to 8kms (according to the guy at the shop). The GPS chip ware is Swiss made and is locally assembled in New Zealand. It has been tested to meet US and European regulations for transmission signals etc.

What I wanted to know was if anyone on here who has any sort of electrical engineering qualification could tell me (and the ret of us) if there was any sort of RFI from this type of device that could cause problems with the Phantom? We use Vodafone 3 and 4G networks here in NZ if that offers any clues.

Nov 25, 2013
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He must've mistaken a delayed TEXT or some such, if the error was 8km. Perhaps the tracker was requested its location, gotten a GPS coordinate, but couldn't send the sms for awhile and by the time it was sent out, they've travelled 8km from when the request was made.

Shows how a keen understanding of how the components work is necessary to make the best use of them.

Also shows how important it is to pick the right operator with the best coverage area of where you're going to flight.

I've had nothing but spot on coordinates using my tk102b so far.

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