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Gettysburg National Military Park

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bob_Rush, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Bob_Rush

    Dec 9, 2013
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    Numidia, PA - USA
    I live a few hours from the Gettysburg National Military Park and was planning a visit. I sent them an email asking if they allowed non-commercial use of UAVs in the park and received the following reply:
    I was forwarded your email to the park asking about personal photography from a UAV. You mentioned that you were a professional photographer and these photos using a UAV would be for personal, non-commercial purposes.

    As you probably are aware, commercial use of UAV's is prohibited at this time.

    Since this is for personal use as you specified, the use of a UAV would still be prohibited under the Park's Superintendent's Compendium. This would fall under the recreational and sporting activities closure that has been put in place for the park. The use of a UAV for personal use would fall under this closure.

    I do appreciate you asking the question and if you have any questions please feel free to contact

    Just a heads up if anyone was planing a visit.
  2. OI Photography

    Sep 23, 2013
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    Clarksville, TN
    Interesting. The crash in to the crowd in VA somehow failed to create any media uproar like so many other drone stories. I hadn't even heard about it till now. So, I guess Americans actually care more about "privacy" than liability...?
  3. Hiway

    Nov 28, 2013
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    Same regs I was quoted at Antietam.

    I have been able to get some footage on the Q T though, but I don't push the envelope and always am sure it is people free where I am flying. I am fully aware I am on borrowed time.

    I live beside the park though, and can fpv some of the more notable spots from my backyard, or a neighbor's.
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